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This is my 2nd css layout. Based primarily on my first one Eternity CSS v1, but I had need of a left column menu...was a good learning experience, and I'd like to thank many many contributors here at oswd, as I looked at a bunch of different templates to get an idea how to do it, and then take those ideas to create my own. I took several techniques, got what I needed, and created for myself. Anyway, the usual blah blah aside, I hope someone out there finds this template useful.

My wife has been energeticly learning html & design, she is the one that helped pick the colors for this scheme, as well as created the banner as a learning excersize. Feel free to change whatever you like, the rest is up to you. Please drop me a line if you find this template useful in anyway. I didn't get much feedback from my last template, though I wasn't really expecting any, but what did come back was positive.

Block Two

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You can add more blocks as you see fit...just contain them in the div class contentblock.


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